There are currently NO forms available for download. Registration Forms can be picked up at the Third Street Baptist Church office (corner of Third St and Crawford St) bewteen the hours of 9am and 4:30 pm.



•  Both teams should meet at center court for prayer prior to the game starting.
•  Games consist of two 18-minute halves (three 6 minute periods)and an eight-minute halftime.
•  A 4-on-4 game format will be played in 1st through 4th grade.
•  The clock stops every six minutes for predetermined substitutions.
•  Teams will be allowed two timeouts per half lasting a maximum of20 seconds. Timeouts will not be given within the last minute of a six minute period.
•  Ball possession will change at the beginning of every six-minute segment.
•  Teams switch goals at halftime.
•  Any games ending in a tie will remain a tie.
•  1 st and 2 nd Grade coaches are allowed to be on the court during a game,as they are also acting as referees. All other coaches must coach from the sideline unless they are acting as a fill-in referee.


Except where the rules unique to CrossOver apply, play is governed by the National Federation of State High School Associations' (NFHS) Rule Book (website:

•  Man-to-man defense will be played at all times (except for 5th & 6th Grade).
•  Defensive players must stay within arm's reach of the player he or she is guarding.
•  Double-teaming is not allowed. Help defense is permitted in the following situations:

•  Picks and Screens : Defensive switching is allowed on offensive picks or screens. The non-screened defender can help his or her teammate by temporarily switching until the teammate recovers to defend their offensive player.
•  Fast Breaks : When an offensive player has beaten their defender, another defensive player may help. Upon stopping the fast break, defenders should return to guarding their assigned players.

•  Full-court presses are not allowed for any age group. Defensive players may not guard their opponents in the backcourt.
•  Backcourt violations will not be called for 1st through 4th grades, but will be for 5th & 6th.
•  The offense must purposefully attack the defense in every situation –not stalling. After a warning from the referee, a violation will be called resulting in a turnover.
•  Referees are to call and explain all violations.
•  When possible, referees will advise players of potential violations before the violation occurs.
•  The three second restriction (lane violation)should not be called in the 1st and 2nd grade division. However, coaches should encourage offensive movement in and out of the lane area.
•  No score will be given for a basket in the wrong goal. It will be treated as a turnover.
•  A player committing two fouls in one six-minute segment must sit out the remainderof that segment. The next player in the rotation comes in as the substitute.
Note: In a second foul situation, when a team only has five players at a game, replace the substitution rule with a two-point penalty by awarding the fouled team two additional points. The opposing team then takes possession.
•  Non-shooting fouls result in the ball being taken out on the side by the offended team.All shooting fouls result in free throws.
•  The game clock runs continuously for all age groups.


•  Every child will play at least half of the game.
•  No child will sit out back-to-back six minute segments.
•  The starting lineup shifts down one player every game,allowing every child to be in the starting lineup.
•  In most cases, each child will play against someone of equal ability.
•  Coaches are not open to making unfair substitutions
•  Playing time for all players is virtually even over the course of the season.


In order to build self-esteem and team spirit, each player will awarded a wristband after each game. Make it a point to explain why each player receives a particular star. Encourage parents and family members to be a part of these presentations and to cheer for players as the stars are awarded.  

Here is a list of the wristbands and what they represent…

•  White : Christlike
•  Blue : Best Effort
•  Gold : Best Sportsmanship
•  Gray : Best Offense
•  Red : Best Defense